CARGO-CARDS Rules and Regulations

 Communication within the portal is based on principles of mutual respect and tolerance. It is forbidden to display disrespectful or offensive remarks about other users (companies), or about the portal administration.

 Portal users undertake to provide accurate information about their company and services.

 Portal users are responsible for complying with copyright in placing text and/or graphic information.

 The portal’s administration may unilaterally change the terms of use for the online resource.

 Free news/events must be at least 70% unique in content, as estimated by The portal’s administration may reject the publication of news/events which lack sufficient unique content.

 Placement of news/events on the portal should relate to activities undertaken by companies and organizations publishing texts.

 It is prohibited to use adjectives in superlative form within published news/events and/or within the description of a company (such as saying ‘we have the fastest delivery of goods’ or ‘our company is the most reliable service provider’ or ‘we offer the lowest prices’). Such an approach is contrary to various national laws on advertising. An exception will be made for superlatives confirmed independently, such as a company having won a competition for ‘Best Carrier 2016’. In such cases, users must indicate the source of the assessment. In all cases, the ‘mild form’ of a superlative is permitted, such as saying ‘our company is one of the largest in the country’ or ‘our company is one of the most reliable service providers in the region.

 Texts placed on the portal must comply with language standards.

 The portal’s administration sets all limits on free portal functionality and may change such limits unilaterally at any time.

 The portal’s administration has the right to block any user’s account or to delete it permanently if the user violates CARGO-CARDS rules and regulations.