Low-cost advertising and promotion for transport companies


Find dozens of new customers by posting information about your company!

Any business involved in the shipping or handling of goods can request addition to CARGO-CARDS Directory and receive a company page on our website, stating basic information: contacts, types of cargo, statuses, shipping geography, year of foundation, and staff numbers. Upon request, it is also possible to post detailed information about services, as well as photos and video files.

To become a member, first sign up the portal. Then, having logged in, click the “+ADD COMPANY” button in the upper right corner of the site and provide us additional data about your transport business.


Why publication in the Directory is beneficial for you?

 Cheap and efficient. The price of advertising in the Directory starts at $ 30 per year. During this time, an average of about 50-200 users go from the portal to the company’s website. About the same number of people get acquainted with the contact information posted on the company’s page on CARGO-CARDS.

Companies with a competitive offer may expect a conversion within 5%. This means that out of 100 users who visited the company’s page or went to its website, 5 customers will order freight. With this conversion, the cost of attracting one new client will be $ 6 only.

The result from advertising on CARGO-CARDS can be comparable to the work of a dedicated manager at a much lower cost!

 More profitable than advertising on Google and Yandex. Our offer is one of the most attractive in the global network. For example, 100 transitions of portal users to the company’s website means the cost of $ 0.3 per click only. This is comparable to or lower than the price of clicks in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct and their contextual advertising.

You do not need to spend additional money on setting up advertising on the portal, as it is necessary to do on Google and Yandex. There is no risk of "draining" the budget due to unprofessional advertising campaign settings. At CARGO-CARDS you get only hot customers.

 Transparency and control. Based on Yandex Metric data, every six months we send a report on visits and clicks with details on the date, country and city where the visitor came from.

CARGO-CARDS links have UTM tags. If you use the Yandex or Google metric on your company’s website, you can easily track user actions, evaluating how the sales funnel works.

Our statistics are open for study in Yandex Metric. Upon request, we can also open access to statistics on Google Analytics.



Dozens and hundreds of additional views from various countries will be provided by placing an advertising banner in the Directory and the Freight Exchange.



Our project has:
 global format,
 perfect SEO & design,
 growing user flow,
 long-term advertising, and
 effective lead generation.

CARGO-CARDS is one of the most popular freight portals in the world. According to Google Analytics, there are about 20 thousand visits to our site per month. More than 90% of them are new users. Thus, the project helps to attract new customers.

The main users of the portal are shippers, as well as logistics companies looking for carriers and freight forwarders for goods delivery mostly in international format.

Thousands of companies around the world have become our members. Join now!


Contact us to clarify the cost of services and payment procedure.