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 5 years of successful work;
 180,000 users;
 Global audience;
 4 language versions (English, Russian, German, Spanish);
 Reasonable prices (price list).

CARGO-CARDS is one of the most popular freight portals in the world. According to Google Analytics, there are about 20 thousand visits to our site per month. More than 90% of them are new users. Thus, the project helps to attract new customers.

The main users of the portal are shippers, as well as logistics companies looking for carriers and freight forwarders for goods delivery mostly in international format.

Thousands of companies around the world have become our members. Join now!



Three quarters of the portal traffic goes to the Directory. Companies located here attract from several dozen to several thousand hot customers a year.

There is another advantage. Companies added to the Directory receive orders from Freight Exchange by email. This allows them to quickly respond to requests from shippers and eliminates the need to control data update on the portal.


Where is the traffic from?

The CARGO-CARDS portal is in the first lines of search engine results for high-frequency queries such as “logistics companies + country”, “freight forwarders + country”, “transport companies + country”, “carriers + country”. So in four languages.

Premium placement in the top lines of the CARGO-CARDS Catalog is an equivalent to bringing your company's website to the top of search engine results. To achieve this goal, you need to spend time and investment of at least several thousand dollars. On our portal, the result can be obtained immediately and for much less money.


How to add a company to the Directory?

1. Sign up the portal;

2. As an authorized user, click the "+ Add company" button in the upper right corner of the site and provide additional information about your transport business;

3. Pay for the tariff plan of the portal member, after which your company will appear in the Directory.


Benefits of Premium Membership

Premium tariff plans include:

1. Placement of the company in the top 10 of the country section and subsections for specialization "carrier", "freight forwarder", "logistics company", "warehouse logistics", "port".

2. Publication of extended information about the company and its services in several languages. Placement of graphics and videos is possible. An example is Lufthansa Cargo. (The option is available for "Premium-2" and higher tariff plans).

The company compares favorably with other members of the Directory. Description of services, cargo types, geography of work and other important aspects attract strictly targeted customers.

3. Publication company news on the portal. It is possible to place the text in four different languages according to the language versions of CARGO-CARDS. (The option is available for "Premium-2" and higher tariff plans)

This marketing tool expands the number of potential customers. Presence of companies in the Directory allows them to attract customers who are looking for counterparties in the country where this company is located. For example, a shipper types in Google the query "logistics companies in Poland" and then it gets into the section "Logistics companies | Poland” of our website.

The CARGO-CARDS website is programmed in such a way that news headlines are published in the country sections of the Directory and the Freight Exchange, which correspond to the geography of the company's activity. If a Polish company has indicated Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Germany as the geography of work, then the headlines of its news will be reflected in the indicated country sections, and not only in the “Poland” section of the Directory.



Dozens and hundreds of additional views from various countries will be provided by placing an advertising banner in the Directory and the Freight Exchange.

The customer chooses in which country sections to place the banner, depending on the geography of his business.



 Cheap and efficient. The price of advertising starts at $ 50 per year. During this time, on average a few hundred users go from the portal to the company’s website. About the same number of people get acquainted with the contact information posted on the company’s page on CARGO-CARDS.

The result from advertising on CARGO-CARDS can be comparable to the work of a dedicated manager at a much lower cost!

 More profitable than advertising on Google and Yandex. You do not need to spend additional money on setting up ads on the portal, as you need to do in Google and Yandex. There is no risk of wasting your budget due to unprofessional advertising campaign setup. At CARGO-CARDS you only get hot customers.

 Transparency and control. On the basis of Yandex Metrica data, once a quarter we send a report on visits and transitions with details by date, country and city where the visitor came from.

CARGO-CARDS links have UTM tags. If you use the Yandex or Google metric on your company’s website, you can easily track user actions, evaluating how the sales funnel works.


Contact us to clarify the cost of services and payment procedure.



We pay up to 50% of the cost of attracted advertising.