Premium services


The company is placed in the top lines of the directory: in the country section and subsections “carriers”, “forwarders”, “logistics companies”, “warehouse logistics”

$150 per year - “Portal Membership Premium” tariff plan.

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Your benefit. Finding a company in the top lines of the directory is equivalent to issuing your site in the first lines of search engines. The catalog of the CARGO-CARDS portal is in the top search results of Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing for such high-frequency queries as “logistics companies + country”, “forwarders + country”, “transport companies + country” and others. Similarly in English, German and Spanish.

Premium placement in the CARGO-CARDS catalog is several times cheaper than search engine promotion of the company's own website or buying contextual advertising on Google or Yandex.



(includes top listing in the Directory)

$200 per year - “Portal Membership Premium-2” tariff plan.

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Your benefit. A detailed description of the company's services in several languages inspires more trust among portal users and attracts more relevant customers. In addition, you get all the bonuses of premium listing in the Directory.



$200 per year - tariff plan “Portal Membership Extra”

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Your benefit. The company and its commercial offer will be seen not only by visitors to the country section of the Directory where the company is located, but also to other sections of the Directory, as well as to the Freight Exchange. For example, the firm is placed in the country section “Lithuania”, while the banner is published in the sections “Latvia”, “Estonia”, “Poland”, “Belarus”, attracting the users of these sections. The banner will also be seen by visitors to the Freight Exchange who are interested in shipping to/from the specified countries.



$300 - “Portal Membership Smart” tariff plan.

The customer pays only for the transitions of CARGO-CARDS users from the portal to the website of his company (analogous to contextual advertising) at a price of $0.5 per click.

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Your benefit. We promote the company on the portal as widely as possible within the framework of premium listing and banner advertising. You pay only for clicks when portal users go to your site to get to know the company better and place an order. The service is an analogue of contextual advertising with significantly lower costs for attracting customers. With us, you do not risk wasting your budget due to poor-quality advertising campaign settings and at the same time you get the most relevant audience with a large proportion of hot customers.



$100 per year - “Portal Membership” tariff plan (or any of the above tariff plans)

Your benefit. You get access to the contact details of all users of the portal - not just those who are placed in the Directory. At the beginning of 2023, there are more than 13.5 thousand companies among CARGO-CARDS users. The database makes it possible to sort users by countries, areas of activity (manufacturing, trade, logistics companies, etc.), contains the names and positions of managers who have registered on the portal, their contact details, phone numbers and e-mails.





You can get any premium service, with the exception of access to the internal database, for free use for two months to evaluate its effectiveness.



CARGO-CARDS links have UTM tags. If you use Google or Yandex metrics on your company website, you can easily track the actions of users who have switched from our portal and evaluate how the sales funnel works.

We can also provide portal statistics regarding your company and provide access to Google or Yandex metrics.


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